[Added video clips] Jeremy Liu doesn't "give up" on Million Singer

After his phenomenal hit song and homemade MV, Jeremy Liu is the most wanted star on variety shows. On the 19th, the star went to the recording of the popular music game show Million Singer to test his memorization skills for lyrics. However, he was constantly lagging behind on the music, as well as not knowing the lyrics. It was impossible for him to make it pass first round, but since Jeremy’s singing was highly anticipated, the show made a one-time exception and allowed him to try again three times. He finally succeeded with singing host Harlem Yu’s classic Meteor Garden opening theme song, “情非得已” (Can’t Help Falling For You). Harlem embraced his special guest Huang Guo-Lun in joy and said, “From the start of the recording till now, I am the most touched at this moment!”

Jeremy had to ask Harlem for help in reading the song titles as he didn’t know any of the words. Feeling helpless due to his poor Chinese, Jeremy asked, “Can I admit defeat?” But the audience immediately teased him by singing the first verse of his hit single, “The words give up don’t exist in my dictionary~”(我的字典裡沒有放棄). When Harlem pointed to his own name “Yu Cheng-Ching” and asked Jeremy how to read it, Jeremy made an attempt and said, “Geng Shui-Fa”. Harlem broke into tears, “This guy comes on my show but he doesn’t even recognize my name!”

Jeremy managed to get through four stages and took home six-thousand dollars (NT). Although netizens criticized his monotone singing in his latest single, “唸你”(Thinking of you), he was much more relaxed while singing on the show. Special guest and Super Idol judge Huang Guo-Lun commented that Jeremy is good at imitating the original singers. Thus, he pointed out that Jeremy must have been affected by his father Liu Jia-Chiang’s demo when singing “Thinking Of You” as he seemed to have carried a Shandong accent in it.


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Source: Chinatimes, sugoishow3's channel

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