Jeremy Liu and Gui Gui reenacts Titanic scene in new MV

Regardless of whether you’re thrilled or chilled to hear about this, Jeremy Liu released his third (homemade) MV yesterday titled, “Glued To You”. Just like his first hit, “Thinking of You”, the MV was filmed at his eight million dollar (NT) mansion in Taipei and has Gui Gui as his female lead. In fact, it was filmed at the same time as the first MV -- to save production cost! In the MV, there is a scene of Jeremy hugging Gui Gui from behind; netizens couldn’t help but point out that it reminded them of Titanic.

As reported earlier, Jeremy’s album, “Touched”, was number one on G-Music’s sales chart, but rumors say that he bought his way to the top spot. Jeremy’s record company Extend Entertainment denied the claims. On the other hand, its distributor Linfair Records expressed, “Everyone probably has an idea of what the actual sales numbers are. There’s no way that our company would pay for a spot on the sales chart, but from the industry’s perspective, it’s impossible for ‘Thinking of You’ to get number one.”  Linfair also added that they are not responsible for printing the CDs, making the KTVs, or scheduling autograph sessions as they are done by Extend Entertainment.

Jeremy’s schedule has been fully booked and just two days ago, he fainted due to fatigue, so all his activities were canceled yesterday. Singing competition show judge Xu Chang-De described Jeremy’s fame as a fluke yesterday, but praised, “He did very well at the press conference. His discipline and EQ are exceptional.”

Check out the MV below!

Source: Appledaily, UDN, kaying730's channel

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