Jay Chou neglected as Magician Lu Chen steals the spotlight

Jay Chou, Magician Lu Chen, and Will Liu held a grand opening event yesterday for their new music and magic restaurant. However, Lu Chen was the center of attention due to the news of him dating Hong Kong model Renee Lee broke out just the day before. As for President Chou being neglected by the media, President Chou responded, “I’m already used to this. Whenever I’m doing promotional activities with someone else, I don’t care whose name is first. The less attention I get, the more comfortable I am.”

On the 25th, 35 year old Lu Chen was spotted at the Taoyuan airport picking up his 20 year old girlfriend Renee from Hong Kong. Lu Chen remained low profile at the grand opening event but revealed that their relationship is “just beginning.” After he made headlines on Appledaily, his mom only told him to “bring her home and introduce her.” However, his girlfriend was rather startled, “It scared her! Because of the news, her manager was tending to calls from the media until 5 am. And other media complained about why she didn’t let them know about news and gave the exclusive to one newspaper.”

Left: July 25th - Lu Chen picked up his girlfriend at the Taoyuan airport. /
Right: July 26th - Lu Chen and girlfriend Renee were heading out for dinner.

President Chou teased Lu Chen, “He’s very mysterious. We still haven’t seen his new girlfriend. Actually, having a manager that supports your love relationship is not bad.” Lu Chen originally planned to bring his girlfriend to the grand opening event, but instead, she only attended the private party afterwards to avoid stealing the attention away from the restaurant. Although President Chou said that he didn’t mind others stealing the spotlight, he emphasized that the media must focus all their attention to him when it is his birthday.

President Chou and Lu Chen admitted that magic tricks sure do help them in finding girlfriends. The two stars collaborated to show a few poker cards magic tricks at the event. The restaurant’s predecessor was Pandamen’s film set; President Chou’s batmobile and antique piano are put on display there.

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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