Barbie Hsu turns into a zombie for Shin's comeback MV

After a year and a half wait, Shin is finally back with a new album, “Before Dawn”. For the titular track "Before Dawn", he especially invited Barbie Hsu to star in it. Shin commented, “She is indeed a very talented actress.”

Shin revealed that after he finished writing the song, he felt that the female lead for his MV could be no other than Barbie. Months later, the two met at an event in the mainland and Shin took the opportunity to personally ask Barbie to star in his MV. Barbie immediately agreed to it and filmed the MV without pay, “Shin is my senior classmate. It’s an honour to be able to hear him sing. He sings so well, and I admire his rock and roll spirit.”

For Shin’s comeback, Avex spent big bucks to film the MV with explosions and special effects that are seen in movies. Barbie and Shin star as a couple before the world ends as they get chased down and bitten by zombies. Barbie expressed, “Although it’s not my first time filming a MV, it’s the most enjoyable one. In the Chinese music industry, there hasn’t been a song in this style before. It was quite challenging to film.”

Due to scenes of Shin lighting a bottle on fire, Barbie hiding in a fridge, and her freaky expression after turning into a monster, Channel V restricted the MV to only be played at night. Shin’s new album will be released on July 22.

Shin's new album is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

Check out the MV below:

Source: UDN, avexcpop's channel

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