7-Eleven makes July 13th a "Rainie Day"

Since Rainie Yang did a Doraemon mini-fan commercial for 7-Eleven a while back, the store decided to make July 13th a “Rainie Day” and got all four thousand of its locations in Taiwan to play Rainie’s latest single, “Love Is Not Foolish”, at the same time. There was some rain during the promotional event for her new album, but it didn’t affect her mood at all. She laughed, “Rainie Day meets Rainy day. It should be a sign of good luck!”

Resonating with the theme of her new single, Rainie tested her “foolishness” in regards to love relationships such as when her boyfriend cheats on her or when a friend steals her love. Rainie expressed that in both cases, she would choose to forgive; she scored 85 on the test and was deemed a fool.

During the test, when asked if she would forgive her boyfriend for cheating, Rainie hesitated for ten seconds and then answered, “Yes,” which caused her fans’ hearts to ache. Rainie quickly explained that she has not come across this situation before, “But if I really love him, I will probably forgive him in the end.”

Although it’s not yet Chinese Valentine’s Day (August 6), her record company presented her with a super big Omamori (lucky charm). Rainie wrote “Love Is Not Foolish” on it and then said, “Right now, work is my boyfriend.”

Rainie's "Longing For..." album is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

Rainie on 100% Entertainment:

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Source: UDN, baifenbai1's channel

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