Wu Chun makes ten million without Fahrenheit

Despite announcing his departure from Fahrenheit, Wu Chun’s popularity doesn’t seem to have declined one bit. In fact, Fahrenheit’s 2-year clothing endorsement has now gone to Wu Chun, who will be the new spokesperson in the new season. The clothing brand expressed, “Wu Chun’s handsome appearance and refined looks bring a unique style to the brand.”

According to various sources, Fahrenheit pocketed ten-million TWD as a whole when they were endorsing the brand, but Wu Chun alone now costs the same price.

Wu Chun was unaffected by the news surrounding his leave from the group; he completed his 7-hour photo shoot with a smile. He revealed that he already signed two new movies; right now, he will be busy doing promotional activities for the movie, “My Kingdom”, and drama, “Sunshine Angel”.

Source: UDN, Appledaily

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