Wu Chun asks for half of group's earnings, Aaron gets hit with lighter

It’s been a week since HIM Records confirmed Wu Chun’s leave, and things are far from over. An insider revealed that during Wu Chun’s negotiation with HIM Records, he had asked to get half of the group’s earnings, while the other half would be split between the other three members. Following his leave, fans of the remaining trio have also begun to quarrel with each other online, flooding the Fahrenheit discussion forum at HIM Record’s site. To top it off, Chinatimes pointed out Aaron Yan unfollowed Calvin Chen’s micro-blog right after HIM Records announced Wu Chun’s leave. On the other hand, Aaron and Jiro Wang never followed each other on their micro-blogs and Jiro only follows Calvin’s. When asked why, Jiro responded through his management company, “They always get to see each other, so they don’t use their micro-blogs to chat. As to why he only follows Calvin is probably because they had something to discuss at the time.”

A few days ago when Fahrenheit was performing in the mainland, a fan hit Aaron in the head with a lighter, and expressed that Aaron should “get lost from Fahrenheit.” HIM Records explained, “There was indeed a fan throwing things, but it’s most likely due to their frustration of changes happening with the group. We believe it wasn’t intentional.” Aaron was also rumored to have wanted to hit the fan during the incident, but HIM Records denied the claims, “Aaron has always loved the fans. He wouldn’t hit them.”

Due to the departure of a member, the fans have fallen into rage, telling Fahrenheit to disband altogether. When asked if Fahrenheit still has room for development, HIM Records responded, “The company has plans for the group as well as solo projects.” As for rumors of Wu Chun asking for half of the group’s earnings, HIM Records did not give a definite answer and said, “We cannot disclose the details of the contract.”

Wu Chun, who is currently filming in Hong Kong, expressed that he did not ask for any criteria in renewing the contract and that it was HIM Records that made offers to him. Wu Chun was undecided for a long time, but he chose not to renew the contract in the end, and he feels unfortunate that they won’t be working together anymore.

Source: LibertyTimes, Appledaily, Chinatimes

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