Weibird Wei won by landslide at Golden Melody

Every singer has only one chance at winning the Best New Artist award, and it’s also the most discussed award among the judges of Golden Melody. The head of the judging panel, Jerry Huang, who chose not to take part in any voting, expressed that Weibird Wei was leading all the way; after first round, Weibird Wei received 20 votes versus io band and Yen-J getting 14 votes each. Huang revealed that in the last round of voting, Wei won with 15 votes versus io band’s 4 votes, while Yen-J only had 1 vote. Huang explained that Wei’s talent in writing music and singing abilities were highly recognized by the judges.

The best group award was a close match as it had to go through four rounds of voting before a winner was decided. The judges mainly considered the groups’ potential in the industry; Da Mouth, S.H.E., and Tom and Huck advanced into the second round of voting. The judges couldn’t come up with a verdict after two consecutive rounds as each group had its supporters. In the final round, S.H.E lost with the least amount of votes, and Da Mouth became the winner.

As for best album, the judges were mainly looking for the album that had style yet representative of today’s times. After first round of voting, Jay Chou’s “The Era” and Karen Mok’s “Precious” advanced to the next round, and it was “The Era” that took home the award.

The best song of the year was a vicious battle between Jonathan Lee’s “A Song For Myself” and Jay Chou’s “Superman Can’t Fly”. Chou’s song lost to Lee’s in the second round by just one vote (10 vs. 9). Jerry Huang expressed that the judges loved both songs as they gave encouragement to different age groups.

Since Jay Chou won best male singer and best album, the media questioned why it was Eric Hung who won best album producer for “Lian Hua”. The result made others suspect GMA of giving the award as a consolation prize. However, Jerry Huang explained that the GMA implemented computerized voting this year; the judges had no way of knowing the results or the number of votes, refuting the claims of GMA giving out the award as a consolation prize, as well as previous rumors of the list of winners being leaked. Only the head of the judging panel knew the results, so Huang expressed that what the media reported was solely based on predictions. He further explained that “Lian Hua” is an album containing multiple languages, songs of different eras, and of different styles, so it is regarded as a very great piece of work.

Source: UDN

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