Van Ness receives blessings from Nicholas Tse for his new Mandarin album

NextTV, CTS, and SuperTV celebrated the premiere* of “Material Queen” yesterday. With Lynn Xiong absent, lead actor Van Ness Wu was much more lively yesterday than at last week’s screening press conference. Van Ness not only teased Harry (Da Mouth) by “dubbing” his voice since he couldn’t talk due to a callus in his throat, Van Ness also helped model/actress Hua Hua answer questions from the media. When asked why his interactions with Lynn felt rather distant at last conference, he frowned, “After the news came out, Director Chen (Wei-Ling) called me and gave me a scolding.”

“Material Queen” debuted with only 0.77% in ratings, but Van Ness is confident that the series will gain its momentum soon.

Van Ness is also getting busy with his new album’s promotions. After three years since his last mandarin album, “C’est La V” will be available for preorder starting tomorrow and be released on July 15th. Van Ness will be holding an autographing and mini concert events this weekend at Kaohsiung and Taipei. The album will come with a photo book with three different covers to choose from. Van Ness also especially invited Bruno Mars and OneRepublic to compose songs for his new album.

Van Ness received blessings from good friends from both Hong Kong and Taiwan, most notably, Nicholas Tse, who is currently filming in Malaysia, gave him a short word of encouragement in English, “Congrats, keep working hard, believe in what you believe in.” In regards to recent news of the breakup between Nicolas and his wife Cecilia Cheung, Van Ness expressed, “I expressed my concern through a friend, and wished him well.”

Other friends including Aimee Sun, ELVA and Cheryl Yang also sent their blessings. Jay Chou praised Van Ness’s album for having new concepts and wished his album a success.

*”Material Queen” gets its first run on CTS, then reruns on Saturdays and Sundays on NextTV and SuperTV. CTS also reruns the episode on the following Monday.

Check out Van Ness's "Is This All" MV:

Source: UDN, Appledaily / Video: Universaltwn

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