Stars struck down by rain

Adverse weather conditions have been tormenting both China and Taiwan for the past few days, making travel by air or road very difficult. The rainstorms are said to be Beijing’s heaviest in 50 years and even the biggest stars from Taiwan were helpless against Mother Nature and her mighty tantrums.

Two days ago, Elva Hsiao held a press conference for her July 16th concert in Beijing. After concluding the event, she had to make her way by car to a radio station interview. The trip which would have normally taken less than half an hour took 6 hours. Her muscles became cramped from the long hours sitting in the car, and she had to stop and use restrooms in random shops along the way, with staff in one shop exclaiming in surprise at the presence of a big star in their humble establishment. To make matters worse, the car tailing Elva’s bus needed to overtake them because onboard, there was a pregnant lady on the verge of giving birth. Eventually, Elva had to have her interview conducted by a phone call, and was only able to make it to her next scheduled events which were two television show recordings at 11:30pm. The recordings wrapped up at 1:30am but Elva had to rehearse her opening performance for an award ceremony the next day, so her long day only ended at 03:00am when she finally reached her hotel, her last stop for the day.

Elva’s predicament didn’t earn her much sympathy though, with the star once nicknamed the “Rain Queen” because she often met with rain during her promotional activities and outdoor events. That same afternoon, she posted a picture of herself with this post on the micro-blogging site, Weibo: “My feelings are like the designs on this garment, I feel like soaking in the sea with Poseidon and drifting off in my thoughts”; her wish was fulfilled... in a way she probably never thought of.

"My feelings are like the designs on this garment, I feel like soaking in the sea with Poseidon and drifting off in my thoughts"
Cyndi Wang was also unlucky; she was bogged down in traffic for five hours, and was only able to pass the time by posting messages on Weibo and conversing with Elva and Wilber Pan, sharing in their woes. Although Wilber was also stuck for 3 hours, he reached his hotel earlier than Cyndi, and posted to her “Where in the world are you? I’m already fooling around in my hotel.” Earlier on though, Wilber made this humorous post: “God of Eating, Sleeping Bug, Backside hurts, this is going to kill me, have eaten till my mouth no longer shuts.”

Cyndi while stuck in traffic
In the air, Christine "Fan Fan" Fan and Aya were stuck onboard a flight from Taipei to Beijing that was scheduled to arrive at 21:00pm. However, they were unable to land and stayed airborne for another hour before diverting to Shenyang to refuel. By the time they reached their hotel in Beijing, it was already 02:00am.

Fan Fan and Aya stuck in the air
The only unscathed star in this mess was Stefanie Sun who arrived at her hotel in time to escape the traffic nightmare, and was able to enjoy a scrumptious hotpot dinner while her fellow stars were stuck in cars, passing time by eating and blogging.

Elva at her concert press conference
Stefanie at the award ceremony she was in Beijing for

Source: UDN, Appledaily

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