Shu Qi takes a pay cut to film new movie with Ethan Ruan

After reaping in $250 million TWD at the box office for “Monga”, many anticipate to see Doze Niu’s upcoming movie, “Love”. The movie will star the golden pair Ethan Ruan and Mark Chao, and it has just been confirmed yesterday that Shu Qi and Vicki Zhao will be the female leads. The movie is set to begin filming next month and it is estimated to cost $170 million TWD to make.

When “Monga” was being filmed two years ago, Shu Qi had often visited the crew and even expressed that she wanted to take part in it. To show her support in Doze’s movies, she reportedly took a $8.9 million TWD pay cut (taking $13.4 million) to film “Love”. In the movie, 35 year old Shu Qi will be paired with 28 year old Ethan. Shu Qi expressed that she was impressed by Ethan’s acting in “Fated To Love You” and “Queen”, and had been wanting to work with him. Thus, when Doze asked if she wanted to be in the movie, she accepted the offer without reading the script.

When the movie was still in its pre-production phase, Doze had originally wanted to cast Zhou Xun in Vicki’s role. According to various sources, Zhou Xun dropped the role after feeling that it wasn’t challenging enough.

Source: Appledaily

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