Show Luo to release Photo Book and Japanese version of “Only for You”

During the Australian leg of his World Live Tour, Show Luo was able to enjoy a few days’ holiday in Cairns and at the same time take photographs for his upcoming Photo Book. One particular sequence of shots involved Show posing with a US$20,000 motorcycle which the star wasn’t keen on letting go of, and he was very vocal in expressing his interest in transporting the motorcycle back to Taiwan. The reason? Show said it was very easy for him to be tailed by paparazzi if he left his house driving a car, but the nimbleness and manoeuvrability of a motorcycle would be useful in evading the pesky reporters. A co-worker joked that the real reason he wanted the motorcycle was to attract the attention of girls and teased him by asking “So which girl are you planning to take for a ride?”

 The first batch of his photo book “Show Escape” has only been made available to members of his fan club (SFC) for pre-order, but the 10,000 copies have already been sold-out. Parents have even left messages on Show’s official website, asking for more copies to be made available, as they would like to give the photo book to their children as graduation gifts; in response to the demand, Show’s management company has ordered a further 10,000 copies which will be released onto the market in August.

Earlier this year, Show signed on with Japanese record company, Pony Canyon and will be releasing a Japanese version of “Only for You” on July 20th, which will include a CD with 13 tracks and a DVD with 8 music videos. In addition to singing a few of his songs in Japanese, the cover of the album is based of the concept of “Asia’s most charming flower boy”, done in collaboration with a photographer who has worked with Japanese star Ayumi Hamasaki in the past. Beneath the flowery prints on his outfit for the album cover, Show proudly expressed that his pecs and abs have become almost as hard as stone and that he has been preparing very diligently for the last Taiwan concert of his live tour which will take place in Kaohsiung on August 13th.

Back in Taiwan, Show and his co-hosts from GTV’s 100% Entertainment, Alien Huang and Butterfly took time to film a talent show segment on their sister show hosted by Lollipop F. The three presented themselves as an imitation of F.I.R with Show as Ian Chen and Alien as Real Huang, but the two of them had to work together to save Butterfly from singing disaster as lead singer Faye Chen. Since Show had the most experience as a host amongst everyone there, and even though he was on the show as a guest, he couldn’t help but slip back into his host persona, teaching Lollipop F some tricks of the trade.

In the last bit of news, earlier this month it was reported that Show would be signing on to star in Stephen Chow’s next project, which is another rendition of “Journey to the West” (西遊記之三藏伏魔). The movie, which is set to start filming next month in Hengdian, China, was rumoured to have Show starring as the Buddhist monk Tang Zan-zang (唐三藏) and Ethan Ruan as his disciple Sun Wukong/Monkey King (孫悟空), but yesterday new rumours emerged stating that Show would be starring as Sun Wukong instead. In response to these rumours, Show’s management company expressed that they had not yet had any contact with the production team, and do not know where the news originated from.

Source: Appledaily, UDN, Libertytimes

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