Shadya Lan files lawsuit against Cynthia Wang for plagiarizing song

Shadya Lan filed a lawsuit against Cynthia Wang for plagiarizing a song she wrote back in her high school days. In Wang’s 2009 album, “Copenhagen’s Fairy Tale”, the prosecuting attorney found that its second plug, “What Happened To Love After All” (到底愛怎麼了), had a very similar melody to Lan’s “Sleeping Beauty” (睡美人). After an analysis conducted by Fu Jen University's music department, it was found that more than 90% of the songs’ melodies were similar. Thus, the Shi-Lin District Prosecutor's Office is seeking to charge Wang 6 months of imprisonment for infringing Lan’s copyrighted work.

The prosecuting attorney pointed out that Lan and Wang (24 years old) were upper and lower classmen at Hwa Kang Arts School. Lan was the one who discovered that Wang’s “What Happened To Love After All” had plagiarized her 2001 composition “Sleeping Beauty”. She stated that when she wrote the song back then, she had brought it to Wang’s home and discussed it over with her; Lan also performed the song at school before.

Wang responded through her manager, “(I) did not plagiarize and have not heard of the song before. (I) will calmly face justice.”

According to Chinatimes, Lan and Wang had attempted to negotiate a settlement. Lan had asked for a million TWD but an agreement could not be reached.

In related news, fans also caught eerie similarities between Freya Lin’s “Five Days Few Years” and Vertigo’s “Holy”. Lin’s record company’s defense is that “Five Days Few Years was already composed in 2003, whereas Holy was released in 2006.” However, fans responded in disbelief, “That’s so far fetched!”

Check out this fan-made video comparing Cynthia's and Shadya's song:

(click here to listen to the full version of "What Happened To Love After All")

Vertigo's "Holy":

Freya Lin's "Five Days Few Years":

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes, UDN, NOWnews / Videos: m1230072010, BartThePain, MsWang333

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