Netizens suspect Cyndi Wang of getting a nose job

Cyndi Wang and Mike He’s new drama “Mei Le, Go” premiered last Sunday, scoring 1.84% in ratings. Although it lost to Rainie Yang’s “Love You” (4.89%), “Mei Le”’s cast still held a celebration. Cyndi revealed that she plays two different characters in the drama; she uses a different accent for each of the roles and hopes that it will be a new breakthrough in her acting. However, instead of her acting, some netizens commented after episode 1 that they noticed Cyndi’s nose looking different from some angles, “Sometimes it looks small and delicate, but sometimes it looks big, like Jackie Chan’s.” Cyndi explained, “That was when I was having an inflammation!” She then added, “I’ve responded about this so many times already! I was in the hospital for 18 days, yet how come no one has any sympathy?” A-Wei Chang, who plays her older brother in the drama also defended, “It’s just the angle!”

Source: Appledaily

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