Netizens criticize Will Pan as opening performer at Golden Melody

The Golden Melody Awards announced that the Saturday ceremony will contain nine performances each lasting 6 to 8 minutes, creating a record for the number of special performances on the show. Many are already worried that the show will also become the longest GMA show ever as well. GMA expressed that none of the performances can be cut since they must not only take care of the Mandarin speaking audience, but also Taiwanese (dialect), Hakka and Aboriginals. GMA further explained that hosts’ dialogues will be short and concise, and they hope to finish the ceremony by 11:30pm.

Will Pan and Blue J (Jeremy Ji) will be giving an 8-minute long opening performance, but many netizens have criticized that they are “not qualified.” Will’s manager, Yellow, responded, “It depends on how you take netizens’ criticisms. From the singer and the management company’s perspective, we just have to work hard on the performance.” Netizens criticized by saying: “Why not ask nominees to perform? I’m really speechless”, “How is Pan qualified to give an opening performance? Why not get a veteran like Alex To to perform instead.” Manager Yellow explained, “Will is only there to perform. The music arrangement and accompaniment is done by Blue J. Furthermore, they did not release an album last year, so of course they couldn’t get any nominations.”

Will was practicing his dance until 2 am yesterday morning and posted on his micro-blog, “Still working hard.” He revealed that he immediately received a text message from another male singer which said, “Why work so hard? Dancing singers don’t get any awards anyway!” However, Will replied, “Everyone hopes to get an award, but that is not the reason for making music. The progress is what makes me happy.”

In related news, A-Lin Huang will have the honors of performing songs from the nominees of the Best Male Singer category. She expressed that she is even more nervous about the performance than anticipating her chance of winning Best Female Singer; A-Lin is also the favorite for winning Best Female Singer among netizens, professional DJs, as well as fortune tellers.

Huang Weng Sing got some support from Frankie Huang wishing for his win for Best Taiwanese (dialect) Male Singer. Frankie joked, “After Ethan Ruan filmed Monga with me, he became Golden Horse’s Best Actor, and Mark Chao became Golden Bell’s Best Actor, so Huang Weng Sing will definitely become the Best Singer!”

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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