A-Mei Chang attracts twenty thousand fans to concert

Torrential rain was expected to hit Taiwan on Saturday, which was the day A-Mei Chang had arranged to hold her free album celebration concert. It was still raining hard late night on Friday as A-Mei continued practicing singing at home. In hope to chase away the storm, she tied some red chilies onto a post on the stage and burned some paper turtles. A-Mei also attended all her rehearsals on time so that the Gods would be moved and have mercy on the weather.

Luckily, the skies cleared up in the afternoon on Saturday and A-Mei attracted twenty-thousand fans to the event. A-Mei told the fans, “Thank you for coming. None of us knew how the weather was going to be. I can sing in the rain, but I don’t want you guys to be soaked.”

The concert was A-Mei’s last free show before her paid concert tour begins in September. Fans exclaimed, “This is too great! But I will buy tickets to see her concert.” Many fans who couldn’t get a ticket decided to sit on the staircases of the National Theater and Concert Hall, which actually made it look like VIP sections. A-Mei wowed the audience with an unplugged version of Justin Bieber’s “Baby”, followed by S.H.E’s “Superstar” and Show Luo’s “Only You”.

Source: Appledaily

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