Mature, but still young at heart, Rainie Yang reveals her shoulders for new album

Rainie Yang’s star-power has been shining brightly this year, with her latest drama “Love You” bringing idol dramas out of the latest trend of low ratings. Her music has also caught the attention of fans, with the drama’s insert song “We are all fools” becoming a hit. Fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of new album, but in the meantime have created their own versions of the music video for the song. More than 10 versions have been uploaded online, and one has even reached 1.5 million views. The overwhelming popularity of the song has prompted Rainie’s record company, Sony to look to the internet for inspiration for the actual music video.

Going along with the theme of the song, Rainie, who has always been open-minded and reasonable in relationships, revealed a painful personal experience. In one particular relationship, the other would always switch off his cellphone during dates, but Rainie who was considerate would remind him that he shouldn’t switch his cellphone off because he could miss important calls. The other persuaded her that he wanted to enjoy their sweet time together uninterrupted because it belonged only to the two of them. It was only until after their separation that Rainie discovered the truth: he had been cheating on her with a particularly clingy girl, and he switched off his cellphone during dates to prevent himself from being caught out. Thinking back on how she completely fell for his sweet-talking and that she didn’t even know for how long he was unfaithful, Rainie couldn’t help but reprimand herself for being so foolish.

The new album “Gaze”* has Rainie transformed into a mature and elegant young lady. Wearing a many-layered white dress in her photoshoot, her previously well-hidden legs make an appearance now and then and her feminine side is flaunted with the revealing of her graceful shoulders. For her facial make-up, Rainie added in her own flourish with a design drawn from her ear to her cheek. The visual concept revolves around the intensity of fire which is what Rainie hopes to achieve as both a singer and actress.

*Just a translation, not the official English title

Source: UDN

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