[Updated] Joseph Chang gets ready to take a dive

[6/14/2011] Last Sunday, “Love You”’s episode 9 scored a series high of 5.03% as viewers tuned in to watch the comedic plot of Song Jie-Xiu (Joseph Chang) following Lin Xiao-Ru (Rainie Yang) as she went shopping for supplies for pregnancy and to the temple of “大奶夫人” (Madame Boobie).

Upon hearing the great news, Joseph exclaimed, “Oh~ I’ve been waiting for so long!” He even assured that he would fulfill his promise of diving into the water this week. Rainie thanks the audience for their continual support, and hopes that the drama’s rating will reach 6% so that her good friend and classmate Alien Huang can dive into the water wearing a girl’s swimsuit. Rainie teased, “Being classmates with Xiao Gui (Alien) for so long, I’ve never seen him in a swimsuit. If he doesn’t mind, I can lend him my swimsuit.”

[UPDATE] Joseph fulfilled his promise yesterday by jumping into the water. Joseph accommodated the media by taking his clothes off in front of the media, but the media was unsatisfied with Joseph's swim trunks. Joseph explained, "I couldn't find any swim briefs at home. I already wore the tightest one today!"

News clip:

Source: UDN, Appledaily

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