Joe Cheng celebrates his birthday with fans

Yesterday, Joe Cheng celebrated his 29th birthday with more than 300 fans from all over Asia, including Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. Joe’s “Channel X” co-star and good friend Amber Kuo was the mystery guest, appearing from amongst his fans and bringing along her birthday blessings as well as a Brazilian-style potted plant. On stage, they entertained fans by playfully flirting, staring into each other’s eyes and clasping their fingers together.

Joe’s popularity in the entertainment industry was showcased with video recordings from many well-known faces who all gave their blessings to the birthday boy. Taiwan’s top model, Lin Chi Ling, thanked Joe for his friendship over the years and warmly welcomed him to the 30s club*. Ethan Ruan’s blessing, “I hope you will spend every year with joy and that our friendship will last forever” was good-humouredly criticised by Joe as being too serious. Ella Chen gave her blessing to Joe by hoping he would become more handsome and masculine. Cyndi Wang and Mike He appeared together singing the birthday song and Ariel Lin praised Joe on his incredible perseverance after keeping to a vegetarian diet for so long. The most creative message and the one most enjoyed by fans was given by Sonia Sui, who suggested that Joe should release an all-nude photobook, promising it would sell extremely well.

During the celebration Joe revealed his birthday wish, telling his fans that he hoped to take a trip to Central and South America this year. Being a well-loved celebrity, Joe showed his appreciation for his fans’ support by making phone-calls to all his fans that shared a birthday with him. Joe explained that he would always call his fans on their birthdays, but the ones who shared a birthday with him would never receive a call because for the last few years he always had a full schedule on his birthday.

Source: Libertytime, UDN, Appledaily

*Libertytimes and UDN both stated that it was Joe's 30th birthday and Lin Chi Ling's blessing written in the context of the article sounded like she thought he was 30 as well. So the point is, it's pretty sad the media don't do their research properly before publishing their articles.

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