JJ Lin’s heart shattered in one second at Golden Melody

The best male singer award brushed past JJ Lin once again this year. Last year’s winner, David Tao, was the presenter for the award. When he opened the envelope and was ready to announce the winner, he wittily called out, “J(ay)…” causing JJ to think that it was really his “J”, but in the next second, David called out, “Chou!” At that very moment, JJ felt his heart shattering on the ground.

When David shouted the first “J”, even President Chou thought that it was JJ. JJ explained at the after party, “Because David usually calls me JJ, so when I heard the first word, I thought it was me.” Similarly, Yen-J also admitted that his facial expression went stiff the moment he found out that he lost to Weibird Wei.

Three-time nominee A-Lin Huang, who lost for best female singer, joked that it must have been bad luck because she sang Weibird’s “Wait Patiently” last and opened her performance with Jay’s “Said Goodbye”. Feeling a little frustrated, she expressed that she will have to continue to “wait patiently” in winning for best female singer next time.

Although not nominated for any awards, A-Mei Chang gave a special tribute performance to the great musicians of the industry; she ended the performance with her new song, “My Most Beloved”, but the media criticized that she was insincere for singing a new song. A-Mei’s manager Chen Zhen-Chuan had an outburst on facebook, “Who doesn’t want their artist to perform their new songs at an award show? But the song is already a month old, what can she promote?..You people are still using old stories like these to write your news? Let me tell my one year old niece to help you.” A-Mei’s ex-boyfriend and basketball player He Shou-Cheng replied with support, “It’s not worth getting mad about them, Chuan Ge. Everyone can see the hard work you guys put in. It was great!”

Source: Appledaily

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