HIM Records confirms Wu Chun’s leave

HIM Records confirmed last night that Fahrenheit member Wu Chun has quit the group as he no longer wants to further his singing career. HIM Records respects his decision and expresses that the remaining three members Aaron Yan, Jiro Wang, and Calvin Chen will continue as Fahrenheit.

HIM Records revealed that Wu Chun had expressed that he wanted to spend more time with his family at the beginning of the year, and stated that he “didn’t have any interest in singing and hope to move on to focus on his acting.” HIM Records negotiated with Wu Chun several times and highlighted that there would be more development to come for Fahrenheit, in an attempt to keep him. However, Wu Chun has made up his mind to leave, thus, HIM Records wishes him a successful career.

Effective immediately, all of Fahrenheit’s scheduled performances, endorsements, and albums will be delegated to Aaron Yan, Jiro Wang, and Calvin Chen to complete; Wu Chun will only be completing activities that were previously agreed on under the terms of his contract.

Source: Liberty Times

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