Hayate combats netizens’ criticisms

Last weekend, the manga adaptation “Hayate the Combat Butler” joined the Sunday idol dramas battle. Despite having a preexisting fan base from the manga/anime, netizens criticized lead actress Park Shin-Hye of being too chubby and George Hu of not being girly enough, veering away from the original characters too much.

“Hayate” is GTV’s first of its three collaborations with Korean actors and actresses; GTV chose Park Shin-Hye for the lead role in “Hayate” and the drama is already selling well overseas due to her popularity from the previous hit Korean drama, “You’re Beautiful”. However, after the first episode, fans expressed that they still couldn’t accept Park Shin-Hye in the role and were also displeased with the dubbing of her voice, commenting that it sounded too cartoon-ish.

Netizens also thinks that George Hu is too buff and manly and suggest that GTV should change the drama’s name to “K.O. Butler” to save itself from the criticisms. Collective fans of the original manga series have even created a haters’ facebook page for the live action; it linked a video which wrote, “What is this?.. Taiwan has never done well in adapting a Japanese manga…If you only want to watch good-looking guys and pretty girls in an idol drama, please get lost!”

Nonetheless, “Hayate” managed to pull in 1.27% in ratings (increased 0.5% from its predecessor). Amidst the debate between the manga fans and its viewers, some netizens commented, “It was really funny! Since I’ve never read the manga, I’m not going to compare it.” Other supporters said, “…Why are some people so selfish and keep saying that it has to be the same as the original? Why don’t they just cosplay and act in it themselves?”

GTV responded yesterday stating that although the drama is an adaptation, the production needs to keep the audience in mind. Since the butler (Hu) needs to protect his Missy (Park), by logic, he should be fit and strong. As for Park Shin-Hye, GTV believes her lively portrayal of the character can definitely satisfy the majority of the viewers.

Although losing 0.6% in ratings from the previous week, “Love You” continued its lead with 4.39%. “Mei Le, Go” followed in second with 1.56%. “Material Queen” debuted on Friday with less than 1%. Industry experts pointed out that there is an overall decline on last week’s idol drama ratings due to final exams.

Source: UDN

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