Fans will have to wait till next year to see Mark Chao on the big screen

The much anticipated “Black & White” movie will unfortunately not be able to make it to the theaters this year; due to post production, it may have to wait until Chinese New Year. Nonetheless, Mark Chao fans can still see their “Hero” (Ying-Xiong) in his latest facial cleanser commercial, where he is drenched in sweat while handsomely chasing down outlaws.

After the ECFA was signed, “Night Market Hero” (雞排英雄) will be the first Taiwanese movie hitting the silver screens in mainland China in the summer of July. On the other hand, the “Black & White” movie is still waiting for their filming permit. Thus, their originally planned release in November will likely have to be moved to next year around Chinese New Year. Director Tsai Yueh-Hsun continues his negotiations in regards to the collaboration effort, “We hope that the movie can be released on the same day for the mainland and Taiwan, as well as Asia Pacific.”

The GM of Warner Bros. Taiwan, Eric Shih, expressed that the film has great box office potential after he saw some snippets of the film, “As someone who loves movies, I know that Director Tsai spent a lot of time and effort on it. We all hope that this movie can be shown everywhere and loved by everyone.”

Although Mark doesn’t have any movies out this year, he has become the spokesperson for Neutrogena, pocketing three million TWD. Director Tsai expressed that Mark is exhausted from filming the movie, so he is taking a short break. In June, Mark will start filming Doze Niu’s new movie, “LOVE”.

Source: UDN

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