Donghae leaves Taiwan in tears

Time sure flies. Super Junior members Siwon and Donghae are already nearing the end of filming for “Extravagant Challenge”. Donghae ended his long stay in Taiwan after filming his last scene until 1 am on the 26th and has returned to Korea.

After wrapping up the last scene, the director gave him flowers and Siwon, who had already returned to the dorm, came back to the set to present him with a cake. Donghae immediately fell in tears. He expressed that there were many great memories during the filming like getting bitten by flies in Taichung and getting hit in the face by Ivy Chen with a prop. He promised that he would celebrate at Bali when the drama receives high ratings. While Donghae was still engulfed in the touching moment, Siwon humorously said, “Everyone, I still need to film tomorrow, so please go home and sleep.”

Source: UDN

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