Yoga Lin responds about G.E.M. at new album press conference

It has been a year and seven months since his last album, and Yoga Lin will finally be releasing his third album, “Perfect Life”, on the 6th.

The singer was spotted with his girlfriend and Hong Kong pop star G.E.M. on the street end of last year. Yoga kept a smiling face when the media asked about their relationship at the press conference for his new album. He responded ambiguously, but did not deny that they're dating.

Starting in August, Yoga will be holding concerts at seven different cities including Hong Kong. When asked if he’ll be worried about facing Hong Kong reporters, he sighed, “That’s why I have to practice (smiling) in Taiwan first.” The media then asked if he would invite his girlfriend as his concert’s special guest, he joked, “Anything is possible, I might invite Madonna.” As for whether or not he thinks G.E.M. is sexy, Yoga answered, “I think I’m sexier.”

Although Yoga promoted his new album very seriously, he still caused a lot of laughter at the press conference. This time, Yoga also co-produced the album, but when asked what he gained/learned from the experience, he said, “I got to eat two sets of meals without needing to pay extra.”

Yoga is currently in his sixth year studying at National Dong Hwa University. In regards to fulfilling his military duty, he responded, “I didn’t put it in my schedule, but I will go after I graduate.”

Yoga's "Perfect Life" album is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

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Yoga performing new single "Freedom":

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