Yen-J wants to kiss Leehom Wang if he wins an award

Singer-songwriter Yen-J is getting ready to release his second album, “Not Alone”, on the 27th. He held an autographing and mini concert event on the 16th and his record company took the opportunity to congratulate him on his Golden Melody nominations for best new artist and best song producer. His company teased him and asked whom he would kiss if he wins an award, Yen-J had no choice but to reply, “Leehom Wang.”

Yen-J’s first plug, “Good Things”, has definitely been bringing him good things; Not only it is SETTV/TTV’s “Love You” drama’s ending theme song, it is also second place on the KKBOX singles chart.

In related news, fellow 2010 newcomer Weibird Wei is nominated for best new artist, best male vocal performer, best album, and best composer. Weibird, who has always kept a low profile, couldn’t help but exclaim, “Unbelievable!” As for how unbelievable it is, he laughed, “My favorite singer is David Tao. He was the one who announced the nominees and furthermore, I’m nominated in the same categories as he did in the 9th annual Golden Melody Awards. It was also his self-titled debut album too.” Weibird revealed that the first song he learned on the guitar was David’s “Regular Friends”.

Yen-J's "Not Alone" album is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

Check out the MV to "Good Things" below:

Source: UDN, binmusictaipei's channel

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