Wu Chun has a full schedule; Fahrenheit won't be releasing an album this year

Men’s fashion label Alfred Dunhill invited Wu Chun to their grand re-opening event at one of their stores. The event attracted a hundred fans holding light-signs, welcoming the superstar. Wu Chun wore a double-breasted suit; he asked the media, “Do I look too mature in it?” Then he laughed, “I’m not young anymore. I’m not 20-something, so 30 year olds wearing this should be OK!”

Wu Chun expressed that he is mostly accompanying his family in Brunei these days, but he will be more active during the latter half of the year. As reported previously, Wu Chun withdrew from “Absolute Boyfriend” in order to shift his focus to the big screen. Thus, fellow Fahrenheit member Jiro Wang took over the role. Wu Chun was reluctant to explain, but he said, “The role is very suitable for Jiro. It doesn’t suit me well, so I do wish him all the best. Let’s not talk about this anymore. It’s not good to talk too much about it.”

Many Fahrenheit fans are interested to know whether Fahrenheit would be releasing an album this year; Wu Chun expressed that his schedule is full already, so unfortunately there will not be time for one. Nonetheless, he has been showing support for his other group members by buying 50 copies each of Calvin Chen’s and Aaron Yan’s photo books*.

*The news source says both released a photo book, but it is believed that it meant Aaron's recent solo EP.

Source: UDN, Appledaily

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