Selina to make a comeback in October?

It’s been seven months since the explosive accident on set. Selina Jen is slowly recovering from her wounds and her hair is growing bit by bit. She expressed that every inch of hair reminds her of the pain she has been through, “I hope that on my birthday this year, I can carry the new purse that Ella gave me and go for afternoon tea.” Selina has been posting new photos of herself every now and then; many fans complimented that she has gotten thinner and prettier. Although Selina has not been working, HIM Records expressed that S.H.E still has a lot of endorsement contracts and the company has been depositing money to her so she has not had to worry about her living expenses.

Besides the postponed wedding date, many fans are interested to know when Selina will return to the stage. According to various sources, it is rumoured that Selina will be coming back in October to release an EP containing three tracks, and a new book about her recovery process. But whether she will be doing promotional activities will depend on her condition at the time.

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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