Pop charts: A-Mei tops sales and singles charts

After three years and eight months, A-Mei Chang’s classic ballad-style makes a comeback and easily topped the album sales chart with her latest album, “R U Watching?” However, Amit has not totally disappeared; A-Mei explained, “A-Mei and Amit finally have a duet together in ‘一個人對話’ (Talk To Myself).”

The track was originally supposed to be a duet between A-Mei and another male singer, but she decided to be more creative this time, “If you listen carefully, you’ll notice that Amit’s voice is lower and A-Mei’s voice is higher.” A-Mei’s main ballad plug “My Most Beloved” has also been well received with fans commenting that they were moved to tears from listening to the song. A-Mei explained that the song does not necessarily refer to a love relationship. The song can be about a loved one or a friend, “Someone who had a great impact on you at one point in time…maybe you want to know how that person is doing now.”

A-Mei's "R U Watching" album is now available at YesAsia!

Here are the pop charts! (click here for last week's)

Check out A-Mei's "My Most Beloved" MV below:

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