Goo Hye Sun suggests Jiro Wang to cover up

As reported previously, Jiro Wang accepted the lead role to GTV’s upcoming idol drama “Absolute Boyfriend” after Wu Chun dropped out of the project. As an adaptation to the manga, Jiro and lead actress Goo Hye-Sun were filming a scene where the naked Jiro-bot had to lie on top of Goo.

Little Jiro was only covered up by a thin pair of skin-colored safety pants. Jiro said embarrassedly, “It doesn’t look very good. They look like diapers. I don’t want to be a spokesperson for adult diapers so soon.” Goo Hye-Sun on the other hand commented, “If I was the director, I would tell him to wear more clothes.” – perhaps feeling a bit awkward acting with naked Jiro.

Source: Appledaily

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