Controversy over Yisa Yu's GMA nomination

Following the announcement of GMA (Golden Melody Awards) nominations, many questioned the qualification of Yisa Yu for best new artist. The mainland artist released her Taiwan debut album “Blue Shorts” last year, but she had actually released three remake albums back home under her real name Yu Ying-Xia three years ago. Since the remake albums were not released in Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, or Matsu, she still qualifies as a new artist of 2010 according to GMA rules.

In regards to the controversy, GIO (Government Information Office)’s Publishing Department director Chang Chung-Jen expressed that they have a team of people who checks each applicant’s qualification. The head of GMA’s judging panel Jerry Huang responded, “From what I know, Golden Melody’s rule is that if a nominee’s qualification is in question, a conference will be held to determine a final verdict, and the results will then be announced by the GIO.”

Since the GMA accepts applications from artists of other parts of Asia Pacific, the media pointed out that GMA’s rule for new artists is out-dated. For example, Yisa qualifies as a new artist of 2010 in Taiwan despite having previously released albums in the mainland, but on the other hand, Hebe Tien does not qualify because she has released albums as part of S.H.E in Taiwan before. Yisa’s record company Rock Records defended, “Those albums were from before she competed on the singing competition show ‘Super Girl’. Not many copies were published, and they can’t be considered as actual completed works.”

Yisa has released albums in the mainland before.

Jerry Huang also explained that Hebe was not nominated for best female singer because “her album used too much voice correction technology.” His comment has led to an uproar from Hebe fans as they criticize him for “not knowing music.”

Left: Jerry Huang is the head of the GMA judging panel. / 
Right: Many fans are disappointed that Hebe did not get nominated for best female singer.

The media asked Hebe if she would release an unplugged album just to prove her vocal ability, and Hebe laughed, “We wouldn’t need to produce actual albums then. We might as well just take $500 (TWD) from a passer-by and sing to them without any background music.”

Source: Appledaily

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