Tony Sun proposes to Angel Han at the movie theater

After secretly planning for a month, Tony Sun bent down on one knee with a diamond ring in his hand and proposed marriage to Angel Han yesterday at the movie theater. Angel answered while shedding tears of joy, “Yes!” When asked if Angel was pregnant, Tony said, “No.” Tony’s manager Sun De-Rong teased, “I want them to stop using contraceptives from today on.”

Angel and Tony met nine months ago during the filming of SETTV’s prime time drama, “Parents' Love”. When Angel fainted from filming over time, his heart ached, “When I knew about it, I felt very helpless as I couldn’t go see her at the hospital, but it made me become certain that I want to take good care of her.” Due to fatigue, Angel recently quit from the current prime time drama "Jia He Wan Shi Xin" and revealed on her micro-blog that she wants to retire and live happily.

For the big proposal, Tony rented a movie theater room and invited forty friends and family to be part of the “audience”. On the big screen, he specially prepared some real movie trailers he found on the web, as well as the standard cinema messages such as advising the audience to turn off their cell phones. The screen then suddenly showed photos of the couple and a voice over that spoke, “Last year September 6th, when Huang Lei-Lei met Hong Jian-Wen (their characters from “Parents' Love”)…” After the six-minute video that Tony made himself, he led Angel to the walkway and proposed.

Angel was moved to tears, “(I) never imagined it.” The media was not invited to witness the moment; Tony explained that it was because he was afraid that the media would take the surprise away. He sent a notice to the media afterwards to deliver the good news, but was unwilling to share his romantic six-minute clip. The wedding date has not been set yet.

 Angel and Tony's relationship surfaced after Angel posted their photo on facebook.

Source: Appledaily

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