Pop charts: Yisa Yu and Freya Lin continue to dominate

After “Fierce Wife” made a grand exit last Friday, songs from its soundtrack continue to dominate the pop charts. As many have noticed, Rock Records’ newcomer Yisa Yu (Ke-Wei) has been topping the singles charts with “Hope”, while Freya Lin takes up two spots in top five with “Seriously Hurt” and “Five Days Few Years”.

Despite being a veteran in the music industry, Freya's songs have out-shadowed her in popularity. Thanks to the hit series, Freya is finally getting more exposure. Her record company expressed that she has been busy holding school concerts since March 19th and her schedule is already fully booked till July, estimating a total of 30 mini-concerts (not including Freya’s other show performances).

Yisa also benefited from the TV show’s success, but despite all the invitations her company is receiving for her to perform at schools and on other shows, she has already returned to Beijing. Nonetheless, fans can still enjoy her songs on the soundtrack, as well as her newly recorded duet with Freya, “聽你說” (Listen To You).

Here are the pop charts! (click here for last week's)

Source: Appledaily, pop charts as labeled

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