Pop charts: F.I.R. debuts at number one

F.I.R. and Khalil Fong debut on top five in album sales this week. F.I.R.’s “Opus VI – Atlantis” takes the number one spot while Khalil Fong’s “15” is second and fifth place on Five Music’s and G-Music’s album sales chart respectively.

Khalil expressed that after watching “Ip Man 2”, it inspired him to write his latest single, “Zhang Yong-Cheng” (name of Ip Man’s wife), “After Ip Man won the match with the boxer, he told everyone to respect each other’s culture and said that he just wanted to go home to his wife.”

Upon the release of F.I.R.’s new album, there were news of band-mates Faye and Real have broken up. Thus, songs that surround the topic of breakup have also become the most discussed.

Here are the pop charts! (click here for last week's)

Check out F.I.R.'s "Atlantis" MV below:

Khalil's "Not So Easy" MV:

Source: Appledaily, warnertaiwan's and warnermusichk's channel, pop charts as labeled

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