Patty Hou holds wedding in Bali

In case anyone missed it, 32 year-old Patty Hou just got married this past weekend. She wore a beautiful wedding dress by Vera Wang. About 70 friends and family were invited to the wedding, which took place in Bali, costing approximately $17 million (TWD). Patty spoke while holding her tears, “My mom has spent her entire life taking care of me, so I want to bring happiness to her.”

Patty’s mom responded, “I give it 100 (out of 100)! They’re perfect!” During the after party, Patty told the media once again, “She (mom) has always hoped that I can be in happiness, and be able to find someone that I can live the rest of my life with. I thank Ken very much for preparing the wedding, it’s exactly what I wanted.” Ken said, “She (Patty) is very filial, very kind, I’m very lucky to be able to marry her.”

More pictures:

Source: Appledaily

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