"Love You" tops sunday night idol drama ratings

SETTV/TTV’s new Sunday night idol drama, “Love You”, came on top and pulled in an average of 2.38% in ratings on its premiere – 2.98% among the 15-44 age group. Ratings began to rise from the scene where Joseph Chang and Rainie Yang started drinking non-stop after their breakups. The drama soared up to 4.43% per minute at its height, achieving the highest peak in ratings on a premiere. The drama has also been well received with some naming it the best idol drama in recent months.

The cast and crew celebrated its results yesterday. Lead actress Rainie revealed that she really drank before filming, “I drank a whole glass of wine before filming. My whole body was turning red. Joseph also drank, so we felt great during filming!” Award winning Master Baker Wu Pao-Chun specially prepared some “ice-cream croissants” for the cast and crew. Joseph and Rainie couldn’t resist and ate theirs immediately.

On the premiere night, the cast invited their friends and family to watch the show together, which included Ethan Ruan. Tiffany Hsu expressed that she was rather embarrassed when they watched her intimate scenes, “Thinking back how I didn’t stop (kissing) when the crew already shouted ‘cut’, I feel a little embarrassed now.” Joseph quickly explained, “We had already had four to five retakes at the time, so we wanted to get more into it in order to film it well. When we were still kissing even after the director shouted ‘cut’, I really wanted to crawl into a hole (and hide).”

Since the drama is already off to a good start, the media asked if the guys would cross dress to celebrate its high ratings, but Rainie was quick to defend Alien Huang, “He (Alien) doesn’t even appear in the beginning episodes, so it’ll be too pitiful to have him cross dress already. It’s best to just have Kingone or Joseph to do it.”

Source: UDN

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