"Love You" continues its lead

SETTV/TTV’s “Love You” was number one in ratings again last Sunday, scoring 2.62% on its second episode (Sunny Happiness followed in second at 1.76%). Rainie Yang, who was wearing a wedding dress, celebrated their achievement with her fellow costars Joseph Chang, Tiffany Hsu, and Tom Price (Bai Zi-Xuan).

Scenes of Joseph unbuttoning while walking towards Rainie and Joseph saving Rainie from embarrassment at the airport have become a hot topic among netizens. Many fans confessed their love toward Joseph on the web and even Rainie laughed, “If there’s really someone this good looking to be my husband, I’d marry him even without the one million!” Joseph responded timidly, “I’m just very happy, I hope everyone will continue to support the drama.”

Other than being happy with the results, Rainie and Tiffany also made the promise on Joseph’s behalf, “If ratings break 5%, Joseph will dive into the water!”

Source: UDN

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