Lee Wei shows off "Monga Yao Hui" poster to criticism

CTS' new drama, "Monga Yao Hui" will be entering the 8pm battle on the 12th. A few days ago, the poster for the series was exposed and has been receiving criticism for plagiarizing the poster for the acclaimed movie, "Monga." The series was already entangled with the movie through it's name and initial rumors of trying to invite the same director as the movie on board, despite actually being a remake of "花月正春風" (1985). This poster has driven people to become even more suspicious of the series' intent to ride on the popularity of "Monga." As seen in the poster Lee Wei placed on his blog, the name of the series is in red writing, the two male leads are split to either side, and a temple and lanterns are set as the backdrop -- all similar to the movie's poster.

CTS' response was, "This is a first draft used internally, there are still changed being made. This isn't the official version of the poster."

What do you think? Are they trying to ride off of the movie's popularity? Or could it really just be coincidence? Compare them below:

Monga Yao Hui ad:

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Sources: UDN, CTS

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