Joseph and Rainie get a little too close

With its premiere just around the corner (April 17), (Drunken To) “Love You” recently released a rather suggestive promotional photo to hype up the series. It became an instant hit and widely circulated on the web by the fans.

A few days ago, the crew was filming the two leads’ first encounter. In the scene, Rainie Yang accidentally spills a cup of coffee onto Joseph Chang’s pants; she quickly tries to help dry his pants, which resulted in the provocative imagery.

During the shoot, Joseph and Rainie decided to laugh off their awkwardness. The crew originally prepared a cup of steaming hot coffee for Rainie to pour onto Joseph, but Rainie thoughtfully requested the staff to exchange for a warm cup. She laughed, “If I pour a hot one, he might get burnt. I’m worried that it’ll impact Joseph’s reproduction ability, I hope Joseph’s mom won’t blame me.”

After they finished filming the scene, Rainie expressed, “Although Joseph and I know each other very well, it’s still a little embarrassing especially with what we had to do. But I went all out to finish the scene, I was really wiping his pants with my hands.”

As for Joseph, who was soaked in coffee from half-way down, he laughed, “I wore this same pair all the way through filming. I can only smell the scent of coffee and milk. What else could I do?!”

Source: UDN

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