Jay Chou compliments Jolin at the Hit Fm awards

Hit Fm completed its first annual global golden chart award show at the Taipei Arena yesterday. Double J (Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai) were awarded the most popular male and female singers.

Jolin gave an opening performance, bringing 54 dancers along with her. She first sang Madonna’s classic hit, “Vogue”, and then her own, “Honey Trap”.

Although the fans couldn’t see Double J together on stage, the two singers had a friendly interaction backstage. Jay complimented Jolin, “(She's) looking even prettier after falling in love.” As for his view on her new boyfriend Vivian Dawson, Jay exclaimed, “Handsome!” He then joked that he originally wanted to tease Jolin and ask her why “he” didn’t come.

Not to let Double J steal all the spotlight, Fish Leong and Leehom Wang got the best female and male singer awards. Hebe and Ella went on stage to accept the best group award. HIM Records expressed that Selina watched the whole show at home and hopes to get well soon to reunite with H.E.

No one left empty handed, but here’s a short list of some of the awards given:

Best new artist gold award: Hebe Tien
Most popular artist: Han Geng
Best stage performer: ELVA
Most popular group: SJ-M
Best group: S.H.E
Most popular female artist: Jolin Tsai
Most popular male artist: Jay Chou
Best all-round artist: Show Luo
Best composer: Leehom Wang
Best lyricist: Wu Tsing-Fong
Best producer: JJ Lin
Best male artist: Leehom Wang
Best female artist: Fish Leong
Best Chinese album: Jay Chou’s “The Era”
Most exceptional Chinese music artist in the WORLD*: Jay Chou
*We didn't make up this name, it was a literal translation.

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Source: Appledaily, UDN

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