Hebe picks up ninth endorsement

S.H.E’s Hebe has been doing endless endorsements since debuting solo. She became the spokesperson for Kinaz yesterday, attracting a hundred fans to the event. It marks her ninth endorsement of the year and it is estimated that Hebe has already made 87 million (TWD).

Fans will be sad to know that S.H.E will not been reuniting any time soon; Selina is in the process of recovering from her explosion accident, Hebe plans to release a second solo album, and Ella is busy filming movies. Nominations for the Golden Melody Awards will be announced on May 13th and many speculate that Hebe has a great chance in winning best performer. Hebe admitted, “I really want to win one.”

Hebe was recently photographed going to the movies with a female friend and was rumoured to be in a relationship. But she expressed in frustration, “Just by looking at our clothes you can tell that it was winter time. That photo was from a long time ago! We are friends.” When asked if she was afraid that this would scare away her pursuers, she said, “Yes! Why do these things happen.”

Source: Appledaily

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