Gloomy Salad Days Episodes 7-10

The first six episodes of Gloomy Salad Days had been both slow and fast for me. Slow because we've been following the stories of different individuals, with different narratives and problems. Sure, they had several things in common--like their school of course, and our favorite death harbinger (more like prompter, really), Du--but with six episodes down, we're still at lost with what's going to happen next. Another storyline? Another death?

Yet at the same time I breezed through those episodes (the recaps weren't fast enough to catch up with me, unfortunately. Heh)  because of the great anticipation for our main couple. Great way to urge your audience to follow the series from beginning to end, yes?

In this review you're reading, I'll be combining four episodes in one since they're all interrelated and interconnected--just the way I want them to be. And there's more! The much awaited progress, FINALLY!

(Premise) Episodes 7 & 8: Li You

Li You (Chao Li Yan) is the typical rich high school student. He has the looks, the money, and the skills that can make every girl's knees quiver. Sure enough, two girls fall head over heels in love with him: Xiao Ju (Jenny Wen) and Mei Li (Melanie Lim). He also earned himself some friends, with Xiao Ju's brother, Ah Guo (Tang Zhen Gang) being his best buddy.

Behind the "good life," though, he has secrets of his own. Who would've thought these secrets will be exposed to broad daylight as he enter his new high school? When all he wants is a clean slate and friends that will understand him, he gets the very opposite of this.

(Premise) Episodes 9-10: Xiao Ju

With Li You missing in action, Xiao Ju misses him while feeling alone at the same time. With all the hormones and affections raging, she projects her feelings to Qiao Qiao (Zhong Yao), her best friend who is also in love with her. They make school projects an excuse to sleep over in each other's houses, while taking pictures of their love affair. Qiao Qiao posts them in her blog for the world to see.

So when Li You comes back to surprise Xiao Ju, the surprise is on him--his lover has found another. Ah Guo and Qiao Qiao's mother both disapprove of the relationship, so the two girls run away to escape from all the judgment that surrounds their relationship. However, media has its own way of making things big: netizens fill Qiao Qiao's blog with nasty comments about the two girls, and this scandal takes its toll on them.


To be honest, I'm hesitant to write a review on these two stories because this issue is too sensitive that I might offend (I hope not though). But here I am, writing this, because I'm OC like that, and I also enjoyed these stories for all its worth.

In a sense both stories really weren't similar to each other because Li You's focused on the friendship side more than the love relationship. In the end it was his relationship with Ah Guo that was tried and tested, which speaks volumes of how important and precious it really is more than anything (or anyone) else. Sure, there were misunderstandings, but all's well that ends well. Li You may have left the school (more for his sake, really) but at least their friendship is a-okay; while an entire school cannot accept him, at least his girlfriend and best friend can.

And really, boys/girls come and go, but true friendships remain. We have seen this even with Xiao Ju's episode; the loyalty between them bros was one of a kind. It went even so far as "Water is thicker than Blood."

My favorite scenes (which both are, unconsciously, Li You and Ah Guo's scenes)


Bromance is it?

Now with Xiao Ju's episodes: I'm not a fan of her love story with Qiao Qiao because one, they committed suicide, as if it is romantic to die together just because everything's going downhill for them. And I ask: Why did they ran away instead of facing their problems? Did they even try doing something before giving up? And I've seen this kind of suicide somewhere before (*cough* Love Contract *cough*). 

Two, 'til the very end I never felt that they really are in love with each other, as in really in love. Seeing them together makes me wonder if they are just together for the fun and the thrill of being secret lovers. When Li You tried to take his own life, I'm glad it wasn't because of Xiao Ju--she is so not worth it. 

While favorite scenes are still worth mentioning, I'm happy to brush off this episode aside, never to be remembered again. 

Now to our leads (It feels weird calling them "leads" when their story really is at the background of them all): I am happy to tell you that in Li You's story, an interaction that is longer than the usual has happened, only to be found nowhere again in Xiao Ju's (Consistency, please).

But I can't really talk about THAT interaction because there's nothing significant about it, except for the fact that Du, in all her smirking-blank facing glory, actually paused to ponder on why Shen Qi is so consistently interested in her. At least someone's consistent in this series.

Oh, I almost forgot something: the Shen Qi/Aaron Yan I-am-so-in-love-with -you-what-should-I-do-smile :)

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