Ethan Ruan's new movie "The Flying Guillotines'" film date delayed

After winning the Golden Horse best male actor award for "Monga", Ethan Ruan has only accepted new roles in the upcoming movie “The Flying Guillotines” and another movie by Doze Niu. Ethan has been doing martial arts training for “Guillotines”, but the movie is now rumored to be having trouble obtaining a permit in mainland, causing it to be unable to begin filming in April.

Due to the delay, Ethan has no choice but to return to Taiwan and wait until they can resume production. Ethan’s manager Ah Sa responded yesterday in surprise, “It didn’t get approved? I’m not very sure. But the date for the filming did get pushed back, (so) Xiao Tian (Ethan) is staying in Taiwan for the time being.” Co-star Huang Xiao-Ming’s assistant Xiao-Yan expressed, “We still haven’t received a notice from the film crew. Xiao-Ming is busy filming all the commercials that he previously signed for so that it wouldn’t delay the movie filming.”

Ethan has reportedly rejected ten other movie offers including one from Steven Chow in order to film “Guillotines”. It has now been a year since his last work, “Monga”. Fans will have to continue to wait patiently before seeing Ethan on the big screen again.

 Huang Xiao-Ming is also starring in the movie.

Source: Appledaily

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