Another one ties the knot

Stefanie Sun once said, “I’ll get married whenever I have free time.” Indeed she did. According to Singapore news, 32 year-old Stefanie Sun and 5-year Indonesian boyfriend Nadim Van Der Ros registered their marriage on March 31st. After the news broke out yesterday, she did not deny it and stated that she would announce the good news at the right time. Her management company expressed that Stefanie likes to keep a low profile; it's likely that only close friends and family will be invited to the wedding.

It was reported that the couple completed their marriage registration online. On the same night, Stefanie was spotted having dinner with her staff in casual wear but no one was aware of the great news. To complete the marriage process, the couple will need to hold their wedding after 21 days from date of registration up to three months. From insider news, Stefanie plans to hold her wedding in early May.

Source: Appledaily

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