Wu Chun states reasons for dropping out of drama, surprising and angering people

As most know the Taiwanese rendition of "Absolute Boyfriend" was originally suppose to star Wu Chun and Goo Hye Sun. While Goo Hye Sun is still attached, Chun has dropped out and the drama is once again in limbo and are still searching for their male lead. One speculation is that Chun is clearing out his schedule for his big break into the movie industry. According to Chun's manager, he had dropped out not because he" "doesn't want to act. It's because the script isn't good yet We have no clue when they will start filming and there is no set broadcast date. We are dropping out right now because we are worried that the schedule will not fit well (with Chun's movie)."

Though nothing is completely set in stone yet, there have been reports that GTV has been keyed up over the fact that he will drop out and rumors say that they might be looking towards the law. Since GTV has been cultivating Chun all this time, many have been surprised by what is happening on both sides. When the producer was asked about this situation, he showed a bit of anger saying, "Why doesn't he want to act? There are many reasons, but using the script is not right. Everyone has already said they would act already, and if he was dissatisfied with the script, then we can change it so that he is satisfied with it."

Source: UDN

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