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The Fierce Wife” was undoubtedly the story of the week again; ratings for last Friday’s episode averaged 4.57% with the highest segment peaking at 5.09%. Some fans are beginning to wonder if it can challenge "Rookies’s Diary” for first place, which is holding steady at 7.10%.  "Wife" producer Wang Pei Hua said there hasn't been any discussion with SETTV about extending the series yet.  She assured fans that they won't drag out the show just because of good ratings. (Check out "The Fierce Wife" parody from Big Party below. )

Over on Sunday, “Sunny Happiness” relinquished the top spot after only two weeks. Besides obvious problems like casting Mike He as the dad of an eight year-old, actress Zhou Zhi Han has also been criticized for looking more like his mom rather than his ex-wife. Bad news for “Sunny Happiness” means “Love Buffet” is back in first place. With two episodes remaining, “Love Buffet” will be replaced by FTV’s in-house production “Love Lets Us Be Together” starting on the 20th. Although it’s categorized as an idol drama, it doesn’t actually star any idols known for that genre. Chao Chun Ya of “Rookies’ Diary” along with other contracted FTV actors will headline the upcoming show. Considering FTV's track record for producing hits, this one might become the dark horse of Sunday nights.

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Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes, Nownews, video from mocaca0918

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