Super Junior-M in Taiwan for two months

On the night of the 24th, Super Junior-M quietly arrived in Taiwan. They have arranged for the entire group for a long term stay for two months. Besides Siwon and Donghae filming for "Extravagant Challenge," the other members will all be studying Chinese. They couldn't help but also try to pull in some spokesmen work and joked, "We hope that we will have more activities in Taiwan, we can negotiate on the price."

As the new blood in SJ-M, Eunhyuk and Sungmin are still getting used to the country. Eunhyuk hasn't been too used to the food in Taiwan and has had to run to the supermarket already to buy a bunch of kimchi. On the other hand, Sungmin has been adapting well saying that he "has been eating too well, and is getting fat." Henry's mother, who is Taiwanese and currently in Taiwan, has treated the group to Taiwanese salt and pepper chicken. They all want to go and explore Taiwan, but are forced to stay inside due to the crowds of fans surrounding their place. Frustrated, Donghae has expressed that he hopes their fans won't keep such a close watch on them, so that they can go out and play.

Source: UDN, Nextmedia

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