Super Junior-M debuts at second place in album sales

G-Music recovered from last week’s embarrassment of coming up with a "Top 20 album sales chart" that added up to a whopping 110%*. Unlike last week, where the public was paying for albums that they did not buy, this week’s chart added up to a modest 84%proving that their retailers had more albums on sale than just the top 20.

Super Junior-M, the subgroup of the popular Korean boy group Super Junior, debuts at second place on both the G-Music and Five Music sales charts this week with “Perfection”. A-Lin’s “Loneliness Is Not The Hardest Part” also reenters top five on Five Music’s chart with a new repackaged version; “Give Me A Reason To Forget” continues to sustain its popularity, taking fourth place on the singles and KTV charts. Anthony Neely's "The Last Embrace" manages to bump the long running KTV champion, Tiger Huang's "Not That Simple", out of first place on Party World's KTV chart.

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*Total album sales should include all albums currently available in the market, not only the top 20. Hence, the top 20 should never add up to 100% of sales.

Source: Appledaily, pop charts as labeled

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