Show Luo suspected of buying charts

Show Luo's newest album "Only For You" has now sold over 100,000 copies. To celebrate, his record company hosted a party for him and presented him with a cake with the numbers 103628 on it ,for the total number of albums he has sold, and gave him and his parents special versions of his album. However, readers have been questioning whether his sales numbers were really so high. G-Music charts last week reported that his sales were 74.6% of all album sales, but when the percentages were carefully added up, the total came out to be 110% -- 10% more than the expected 100%. To these questions of whether he bought the charts, Show said, "Please ask the people who don't believe in me to come to my signings and see how many albums I sign."

Here are the pop charts! (click here for last week's)

Source: Nextmedia, UDN, pop charts as labeled

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