SETTV & National Defense prepares to film new series about the 100 years of ROC

The Ministry of National Defense and SETTV have announced their collaboration on an upcoming military idol drama, “Decisive Battle 714”*, the story of which will be based on the first one-hundred years since the founding of the Republic of China. The Ministry has set strict guidelines for the script, broadcasting dates and choice of lead actors and actresses that will be cast.

In order to avoid negative news reports associated with the leads, an agreement has been made between SETTV and the Ministry to cast actors and actresses who have good reputations and a healthy image. These candidates cannot have negative rumors or gossip associated with them, especially during the broadcast period. This is to fulfill one of the aims of the drama which is to promote military service and to boost the image of the military. It has also been instructed by the Ministry that the main supporting actor and actress must be students from the drama department of Fu Hsing Kang College (a military college). Additionally, there are rumors that the Ministry has stated that the actor cast as the male lead has to have completed military service, implying that popular actors such as Ethan Ruan, Ming Dao, Joe Cheng and Mike He are ineligible for the role.

UDN reports that James Wen is hot favorite for the male lead, while Liberty Times reported that Chris Wang and Sonia Sui are currently attached to the project. Rainie Yang was also reported to have been considered for the female lead but could not be cast because of her busy schedule.

At the moment, reports say the drama will have 20 episodes and filming will start in April, with the broadcast of the drama to begin and finish before the end of the year. Sketchy details of the plot have emerged and Liberty Times reported the following: The drama will tell the story of a soldier who retreated to Taiwan from China in 1949 and started a new life on the island nation. The story will focus on the soldier and the members of his family from two generations after him whose lives all revolve around the military.

Most of the budget for the drama will be financed by the Ministry of National Defense, with filming mainly taking place in a military school in Kaohsiung. With input from the Ministry, it is assured that the drama will be accurate and will precisely depict what happens in reality. The Ministry has promised that audiences will be treated to a spectacular, high-quality production.

So what do you think? Is the drama trying to ride on the success of Rookie’s Diary? Or does it sound like something to get excited for?

*Rough translation of the chinese name

Sources: UDN, Liberty Times, Appledaily

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